A couple weeks ago I published a post called Should Christians Prepare for the Tribulation. It was a long post. Too long, in fact. This has proven to be a hindrance to the intended message of the post. Not only because of its length, but because I was not as thorough as I should have been, in my efforts to keep it as short (or long) as I did.

So I have decided to pull this post off my shelf, so to speak, and will be re-constructing, re-formatting, and re-publishing it as a three part post. I hope to do this quickly. And I hope you will re-read, as I plan to change it up a bit, in order to make it more informative and less tedious to read.

Thanks to all who liked and commented on the original post! I will be restoring these comments and likes in some fashion when I re-publish.

God Bless to All!