Our Unchangeable God

It is a sobering realization to think that God knows me.

Nothing is hidden from His sight. All my secrets, fears, sins, every thought I’ve ever had, everything I’ve ever done; all is laid bare before Him. Yet, He loves and embraces me. Not for who I am, but in spite of who I am.

Throughout the years He has never left me, never forsaken me, never taken His love from me. Even in my darkest hours when I’ve pulled away from Him, intent on following my own way, He has remained constant. And when I am faithless, He continues to be faithful.

© 2019 Deanna Renee

16 thoughts on “Our Unchangeable God

  1. Amen! No matter what, He still loves us. What you said in your post reminds me of something my father said that Yah/God had told him: that He still loves him and puts up with him because He can see the end product.

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  2. Glory Be To Our Heavenly Father!! What You have shared here I Strongly Agree!! He does love me, even when I was a baby Christian, I had step back into the world, because of reasons Him and I do know. As You have shared here, He knows everything!! Nothing we can hid from Him. Because He knows the Heart of every man and woman, boy and girl. I came back to Him, I had asked for His Forgiveness!! And I can say He did forgive me!! Here I am not drinking on milk, I’m eating meat. No longer a baby. 🙂 I’m His child, and I do belong to Him. And I can boldly say His My Heavenly Father. I’m a Breathing, Witness, Living Testimony I’m here this New Year 2019. He gets ((All)) Praise!! \0/\0/ Thank you for sharing this with us.Happy Bless New Year 2019!! Dee Agape!! Shalom!! ((Hugs)) 🙂

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  3. Well said! I, myself, am in constant awe of God’s glorious creation. It is unbelievably magnificent! And to think, after He created all of this, He thought to create man in His image to live on this glorious planet. In doing so, He thought of me. He loves me -past, present and future- enough to have Jesus die for me. Even if I were the only one on this earth, He would have still done so. This thought constantly amazes me. Our God is so incredibly awesome!

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