This is a reblog of an excellent presentation and debate, concerning the supporting evidence of a literal and physical resurrection of Jesus. One of the most, if not the most, civil debate I’ve seen. Definitely worth the read/watch! Dee

Christian Apologist

What do we know about Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection? We know that Jesus’ resurrection forms the foundation of Christianity. Without the resurrection, we do not have a foundation for our beliefs. Accordingly, I identified eight well-supported claims concerning Jesus’ resurrection.

I recently created a meme and labelled these well-supported claims as “facts” and shared the meme with my followers on social media. A skeptic who calls himself “Paulogia” immediately spotted my meme and asked me to join him in a debate to determine whether the facts I presented are indeed facts. A fact, according to the dictionary, is a thing that is known or proved to be true.

Last night I debated Paulogia on the Non Sequitur YouTube channel. Click here to watch the video:

Paul challenged six of the eight facts I presented – and by the end of our debate, we agreed upon some slight modifications to…

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