The Best Explanation for 8 Well-Supported Claims about Jesus’ Resurrection is, Jesus is Lord

This is a reblog of an excellent presentation and debate, concerning the supporting evidence of a literal and physical resurrection of Jesus. One of the most, if not the most, civil debate I’ve seen. Definitely worth the read/watch! Dee

Christian Apologist

What do we know about Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection? We know that Jesus’ resurrection forms the foundation of Christianity. Without the resurrection, we do not have a foundation for our beliefs. Accordingly, I identified eight well-supported claims concerning Jesus’ resurrection.

I recently created a meme and labelled these well-supported claims as “facts” and shared the meme with my followers on social media. A skeptic who calls himself “Paulogia” immediately spotted my meme and asked me to join him in a debate to determine whether the facts I presented are indeed facts. A fact, according to the dictionary, is a thing that is known or proved to be true.

Last night I debated Paulogia on the Non Sequitur YouTube channel. Click here to watch the video:

Paul challenged six of the eight facts I presented – and by the end of our debate, we agreed upon some slight modifications to…

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One thought on “The Best Explanation for 8 Well-Supported Claims about Jesus’ Resurrection is, Jesus is Lord

  1. One thing is certain. No one will ever prove by truth that Jesus did not exist nor that He was resurrected. And another thing, one day He will appear and all doubts and lies will be left behind, even those who deny Him now.

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