Adam’s Road, Micah Wilder: Ex-Mormon Gives Incredible Testimony

Wow! This is an amazing testimony to God’s sovereignty and love. A very emotional and motivational presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

“This is one of the most incredible testimonies I’ve ever heard, and such a testimony of how God can change the hearts of those who seek him! A very zealous Mormon goes to Florida for his missions, where he tries to convert Baptists and is instead presented the gospel of Jesus. In this video he explains how he turned from his belief in Mormonism to trusting in the finished work of Christ for his salvation! ..what comes after is shocking! This is a video from if you want to hear more check them out! or search Micah Wilder or Lynn Wilder on YouTube to hear more of their story.”

~Kassie West

Video courtesy of Kassie West

15 thoughts on “Adam’s Road, Micah Wilder: Ex-Mormon Gives Incredible Testimony

  1. Man, praise God! That brother loves the Lord and the Holy Spirit is moving in him. Praise God his whole family got saved! I preached to Mormons in college. That guy’s testimony is powerful! Literally, he preached the Gospel perfectly in the power of the Spirit and he said it all. I love the advice to read the Bible as a child. Seriously one of the most powerful testimonies I’ve ever heard! He understands God’s grace and what it truly means to be saved by grace! Jesus is all we need, amen! God bless!

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    • Right? I almost started crying several times throughout his testimony because it was so powerful. I also loved the advice to read the Bible as a child. I’m definitely going to use that advice in the future. God bless!

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  2. Dee, I, too, watched and listened to all 17.6 minutes of Elder Wilder’s video and felt his compassion and love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. His ability to share the Gospel in a converting way to his family, friends and so many others was the true testimony for me. Seemingly, the Mormon Religion keeps its members through intimidation and fear. That alone is proof of their false doctrine which, by the way, is taught from their own man-made book. My sincere prayer is that God will be glorified and presented to all non-believers that come knocking on my door. My we all be as influential as the pastor was who witnessed to Brother Wilder.

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    • Amen. This is such a wonderful example of the amazing things God is doing in these last days. His entire family being saved out of Mormonism is something only God could do. And now all of them are in Christian ministry and actively witnessing and reaching out to other Mormons about Jesus. So wonderful.


  3. Dee, I did watch this. I am still amazed when I hear how the Lord speaks through His Word. By His Spirit and the power of the gospel He alone gives us a new heart and a new life.
    Thank you, again for posting this.

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