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Conversations With God Using Scripture

Framed Mother's Prayer Print

A Mother’s Prayers

Miraculously all abnormalities had disappeared.  What welcomed news the doctors had presented my mother, Dorothy, on that cold winter’s day in 1945.  No, it was not the first time she had heard this news.  For past occasions were too numerous to count when she and her prayer band of girl friends had gone down on their knees to ask the Lord to spare her second child, nicknamed Snooky, from a serious illness.  Me!

Yes, you guessed it.  This is another blog on how God miraculously healed me when I was a child and his grace and mercy was retold to me later in life by my praying and devoted mother.  During my 70+ years of life, I can truthfully say that God has always pitied my family and answered the prayers of my mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.

I believe I initially inherited my weak genes from my…

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