8 thoughts on “Mercy Me – Grace Got You!

  1. Nice! Love Mercy Me! My wife and I saw them in concert a long time ago when they were first starting. It was at a church in Denver. It was an amazing time of worship and the way the Holy Spirit came down on the whole place was amazing! God bless!

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  2. I’ll stick to choirs and quartets. I guess it’s due to age. But if the message gets across to the young people, to God be the glory. I wish the background pictures of the lyrics could have reflected more of a trend towards redemption and the gift of grace. But, to each his own.

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    • I think it’s a catchy tune! And it motivates me to rejoice in God!! Besides that, it’s a great song to work out to- or keep me awake while at work! Thanks for listening. 🙂

      By the way, check back in. I have something for you.


  3. Hello Dee…thanks for responding to my above comment about my love for choir and quartet music. You sent me a website that I am reposting here:


    I hope everybody who comes to your site will agree with me that this type of praise music is far more reverent than RAP music. Just look at the faces of members of the choir and in the audience. Just feel the spirit transcending across the miles and airwaves. The spiritual connection is imploding among us believers! Thanks for blessing my day with this song.

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    • I knew you would love it!!

      The link I sent you is to my website, where I posted the video so all can see and hear how wonderful it is. I love the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, don’t you? Have a wonderful day!


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