Understanding and Interpreting the Apocalypse Part 7 – Jacob Prasch

Jacob Prasch is the Director of Moriel Ministries. He is a Hebrew-speaking evangelist to the Jews and a Bible teacher elaborating on the original Judeo-Christian background and hermeneutics of the New Testament, and his emphasis is on church planting and missions.

To learn more about Jacob Prasch, please visit: Moriel Ministries

Video Courtesy of:  Dean Gibson – Grainstore

Photo credit: Neil Tackaberry on Visualhunt / CC BY-ND

4 thoughts on “Understanding and Interpreting the Apocalypse Part 7 – Jacob Prasch

    • PowerPlayPause, thank you for visiting my site. I have visited your site in return, and to say I was shocked by its content is an understatement. To be completely honest, no disrespect intended, I found your preoccupation with Jacob Prasch both disturbing and self-defeating. Disturbing in that you would devote an entire site to the indictment of one person. Self-defeating in that it reads more like a personal vendetta than a credible concern for the welfare of those whom (I assume) you are intending to warn.

      As for your claim that Mr. Prasch is under investigation I would say, I’m not convinced. I have watched the videos you provided in your above comment and I find it hard to believe that this man’s (Graham Baldwin) second-hand knowledge and subsequent testimony against Mr. Prasch, devoid of any credible evidence I could glean, would constitute an official investigation by most people’s standards. And certainly not by judicial standards. I personally would classify it as more of a vitriolic ranting.

      In these videos Mr. Baldwin appears to be nothing more than a caring soul whose only concern is for the welfare of those allegedly hurt by Mr. Prasch. As I listened to him however, it soon became suspect to me that Mr. Baldwin may actually be guilty of the same charges he so eloquently presents against Mr. Prasch, namely ‘accusations without evidence’. If this standard applies to Mr. Prasch, how does it not also apply to Mr. Baldwin?

      From my perspective Mr. Baldwin’s only claim to credible evidence in these videos was his instruction to those wishing to see this supposed evidence to message him privately. What I say to you I have already said to Mr. Baldwin himself in the comments of his video, ‘public claims require public evidence or they are nothing more than slander’.

      If you, or anyone reading this, are interested in reading a balanced (in my opinion) counter-argument to these accusations, I would encourage you to visit: https://beginningofsorrows.org/2019/04/04/jacob-prasch-under-investigation/

      In closing, it appears these accusations against Mr. Prasch have been circulating for quite some time. Based on all that I’ve seen and heard, however, I am of the opinion that these allegations are unfounded. While I do appreciate your drawing my attention to this matter, I do not wish to have any further involvement in this matter. Thank you.


        • I am not interested in joining your (or Graham’s) unfounded and unproven character assassination of Jacob Prasch. If you call yourself a Christian, I would encourage you to research what the Bible has to say about the correct manner of confronting/accusing a fellow Christian. If you do not call yourself a Christian, that fact doesn’t excuse or acquit you before God for your actions.

          I’ve already told you that I do not wish to have any further involvement in this matter, so please do not message me about this again.


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