This week I’ve chosen to spotlight Love and Grace, by Ward Pimley!

Ward is a very dear fellow blogger and one who blesses me each and every time he posts! Please take this opportunity to familiarize yourself with Ward’s blog, Love and Grace. I’ve included his About Me page, as well one of his posts that I find especially inspirational. There is a link to the BlogSite above that is clickable, as are all titles in blue for sake of ease in accessing his site. Enjoy!

About Me

Personal Testimony:
Ward Pimley

Four years into my search — in November 2010 — I turned my life over to Jesus Christ.

Since then, Jesus has made a home in my heart and began a massive overhaul, remaking me in His image. The change has been dramatic, with a lot of heavy lifting left.

I’m amazed at His patience (it took a long time for me to commit), at His grace (His gift of Jesus Christ’s work on the cross for my sins), and His commitment (His willingness to slog through the mess of my heart and stay with me).

The change He has brought about is a small replica of the Fruit of the Spirit — He has brought more love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control into my life. While I am not “there” in the sense that Jesus is or where He wants me, He has taken me down the road.


IT TOOK ME FOUR YEARS to read through the Bible, attend Bible study courses, meet with Christians, and watch their lives before I was ready to surrender to Jesus.
My biggest stumbling block was accepting Jesus after having raised my two daughters in a home where Jesus didn’t exist. He helped me jump across that hurdle by telling me that anyone who loved their daughters — or any other family member — more than Him wasn’t worthy of Him.
I wanted Jesus, and I knew I wanted Him more than anyone else. Mostly, I knew that He wanted me. I accepted His call.
Eleven years ago, I was a broken man. I had burned through two marriages, half-a-dozen job losses, failure to avoid debt or even plan for the future, the product of alcohol abuse that kept me from making any progress.

JESUS TURNED ME  into a man with hope and a future.
In the place of despair, I have a beautiful and spiritually blessed wife; in the place of dependency, I have no need for alcohol in any quantity; in the place of debt, I have a generous retirement policy and assets that I hadn’t known were available.
Now, with God’s grace, I can praise Him and honor Him through my words and my life.
Even so, every day I am convicted of sinful thoughts, words, and deeds, but I am no longer walking in sin, committed to it, and finding ways to indulge it.
Instead, I am committed to learning more about what God reveals to me, living out the Gospel in my personal life, and sharing the Good News whenever I find an opportunity.


God’s church in America is in crisis. Various Protestant denominations have splintered over doctrinal issues, while the Roman church faces increased scrutiny and legal challenges resulting from failure to protect congregants from unfaithful clergy. What does this mean for us as faithful members? Who is to blame? All of us? Whose responsibility is it to work through the mess, ours or just the paid leaders? What do non-believers see when they see the church in disarray? Let’s take a quick look at what’s happening within one church — the United Methodist Church — as it struggles to minister to its membership about the homosexual community in light of the Bible’s teaching.

“Men loved the darkness rather than the Light, for their deeds were evil.” — John 3:19 (NASB)

“For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. … They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.” — 2 Timothy 4:3a, 4 NIV)



This is not the first time, and the Bible tells us it won’t be the last, but this is now, and whatever happens, it will be our legacy — the legacy of those of us who are alive now.

Just check the headlines of our national media, and you’ll see scandals in the Roman church, fractious debate among Methodists, soul-searching within the Southern Baptist Convention.

Look back a short while, and you’ll see divisions within the PresbyterianLutheran, and Episcopal churches.

While the specific issues differ within each denomination, the core issues are similar: in some way, they revolve around sex and gender, human relationships, faithfulness, and expected gender roles. (A quick Google search will pick up relevant articles in addition to the above links.)

The issues can be specified further with pinpoint accuracy: the result of man’s sin nature and constant rebellion against God.


THE PRESBYTERIANS, Lutherans, and Episcopalians have drifted from the headlines for the time being, while the Roman Catholic Church and United Methodist Church have filled the gap.

The Roman church is paying a heavy price for its institutional failure to confront sexual abuse of children — boys and girls, but mostly boys — and of women, called to serve alongside ordained priests. Legal battles and court settlements will burden the institution for years to come, but the greater damage will be its tainted witness to a world in need of answers.

Right now, I want to focus on division within the Methodist church.

The Methodist church is exposing its inner divisions to the world at large over the issue of homosexuality — both its active practice among congregants and the calling of active homosexuals to the clergy and  bishops.


As an international body, the Methodist church is split further between the more liberal church in America, which teaches tolerance and acceptance of homosexuality, and the more traditional branch in Central Europe and especially in Africa, which strives to follow the Bible’s authority.

A recent vote by delegates to the General Conference exposed the rift as Americans largely voted to adopt a more inclusive church discipline, while the Africans voted to stay with a stricter interpretation of Scripture.


THAT DECISION did not sit well with many American Methodists, some two-thirds of whom preferred a less restrictive plan that would have permitted each congregation, and its pastor, to determine its acceptance or rejection of homosexual clergy and members.

Unfortunately, the public dialogue from disaffected Methodists has served only to exacerbate the division.

Most of the commentary has been to lament those who want to maintain Biblical purity as being “intolerant” or “judgmental,” as people who claim a “moral superiority” and “smug rightness of viewpoint” and who, of course, are “legalistic.”

Words matter, and the terms we use frame the debate. While the reformers term the debate between “traditionalists” and “grace-filled,” the debate might better be termed as between the “faithful” and the “revisionists.”


64. Church_Doctrine

AT THE HEART of the Methodists’ quandary is the role of Holy Writ; specifically,  whether the Bible is the inerrant and infallible word of God or whether it is merely inspired text written by men, who were flawed (as we all are) and wrote against a historical and geographic backdrop far different from our own.

The distinction, then, is whether the 21st century American believer should read God’s Word as being eternal and universal because God is perfect and never changes, or if the Bible should be read in some “holistic” manner, in which the reader inhales the overall “sense” of the Bible and then fills in the details according to the current culture’s understanding.

The rift is huge, and the debate rages on. We are left to wonder how much prayer goes into the argument, especially among those who declare that “God didn’t write the Bible.” We can rest assured that those who quote Scripture telling us God did write the Bible are on their knees in prayer for direction.



Jesus established His church to proclaim His message to the world and to provide love and support for those drawn to it. He vowed that “all the powers of hell will not conquer it” (Matthew 16:18 NLT). He said His church will prevail.

In the end, Jesus wins.

But what does it do for a weary, broken world now, when those who claim to love their Lord and have access to His Holy Word are so unfaithful in the conduct not just in their personal lives but in their witness through the various church bodies?

While we are all “treated” to the current discord within the Methodist and Baptist churches, and difficult legal issues confronting the Roman church, let’s not forget the Presbyterians, Lutherans, and Episcopal churches, whose divisions continue to simmer.

We need a heart change.

Forgive us, Lord Jesus.



O FATHER GOD, we have fouled up Your church so badly. We have  scandals in one body, discord in another. We fight over important matters with members who don’t hold to the Bible’s eternal and universal truths, and we quarrel with others about trivial items that have no impact on our witness. Lord, You told us Your church will prevail, despite our arrogance, greed, and pride. Lord, we ask You to forgive us as we lay down our sins at the foot of the Cross. Lord, we repent of our selfishness. Lord, forgive us and supernaturally make Your church a strong voice for Truth. In the mighty name of Jesus, we pray. Amen

Questions for Personal Meditation and Group Discussion:

1. How impacted are you personally by the rancor, faithlessness, and discord within the various church denominations specifically and across the board in Christendom? Does the issue affect your worship experience or is it, for you, just a matter for church leaders to handle?

2. To what do you attribute the divisions that exist within the various denominations? Do you believe in any way you have contributed to the problem, and do you believe you can make a difference to bring healing?

3. Have you (or your family) switched church denominations or congregations within a denomination within the last 10 years as a result of divisions within your church? Have you (or your family) prayed for church healing? Where do you see the various church denominations going over the next generation?

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Thanks so much Ward, for blessing us with your life, words, and prayers! God bless and keep you!