Today I’m SpotLighting Lydia’s Blog!

Lydia is young and seemingly full of energy! She just recently turned 17 years old, and she’s hoping to hit 100 followers soon! Please take this opportunity to familiarize yourself with Lydia’s Blog. I’ve included her Welcome entry, as well as a couple of her posts that I find especially fun! There is a link to her BlogSite above that is clickable, as are all titles in blue for sake of ease in accessing her site. Enjoy!


I am so glad to get my blog started!

I am a 17 year old girl that loves baking, cooking, reading, eating, riding roller coasters, playing guitar, helping in children’s ministries, and serving God. I am the 3rd born of seven children. I am home schooled and in the 11th grade!

Thanks for visiting!


What I Love About Spring

Spring is a beautiful time of the year. Flowers blooming, bees buzzing, & birds chirping. It’s also a time of growth. In the month of April, I have a goal of reaching 100 followers! Right now, I’m at 87 followers. I can easily get 13 more followers within the whole month of April. What can you do to help? Re-blog this post, follow me if you haven’t already, and wish along with me!  Have a great month of April!!!!!!!!!

Celebrating 17 Years of Life

Today, I went from 16 years old to 17! I always thought when you turn 17 years old, you suddenly get really old. Well, I woke up this morning sore all over, and now that I think about it… we went bowling yesterday for 4 hours! That might be why!  I really wanted to hit 60 followers for my birthday, and as of now, I’m at 59! So, if you are reading, and haven’t started following me, please do so right now so I can have a better birthday! I want to thank all 59 of you that are following me!!!!! You really spark my day!

Happy Recent Birthday, Lydia!

Thanks so much for blessing us with your blog, and your beautiful smile! May God bless you all the days of your life!