My Defense

If you follow other blogs, as I’m sure you do, you may have seen a post about me from SpaniardVIII that was posted this morning Spaniard VIII (who does not know me or my writing) makes some very serious charges about me which unfortunately, he did without first contacting me (as the Bible instructs us to do) to find out if what he heard from a secondhand source and from selected information was true.

PLEASE, if you are going to make public claims against a fellow Christian, make sure that what you are hearing is correct. No one is to be found guilty on the accusation of just one person, isn’t that what the bible says? But SpaniardVIII took the word of one blogger ( and her ‘interpretation’ and ‘slant’ as to what was said and ran with it. To my knowledge, he never visited my site to see what I teach or to try and gain a view of my overall message.

Not only that, two of his followers: and who also don’t know me or my blog, actually reblogged these accusations with absolutely no investigation as to the charges presented. And without even awaiting my response and defense.

“A single witness shall not rise up against a man on account of any iniquity or any sin which he has committed; on the evidence of two or three witnesses a matter shall be confirmed.” Deuteronomy 19:15

**Addition to original post, 4/29/2019: Hawk2017 has since taken down the reblog of this original article. Thank you, Hawk2017.

You can find this article here:

I have presented the below defense to his article, however, he has not yet moderated and posted my reply.


You may question my genuineness in saying this, but I want to thank you for being fair and sincere in your post about me. I think you are speaking from your heart and you truly care about what you see as error. I wish you would have confronted me personally, as the Bible instructs us to do, but since you chose to post publicly, I hope you will also choose to post my response to each of the issues you present.

The Pre-Wrath Rapture view that I teach is not something I made up. It is a growing view that many people in the Church share. My intention in presenting it is to warn people that a pre-tribulation rapture ‘may not’ be what we as a Church experience. There are also many books on the subject, some of which are:

The Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church – by Marvin Rosenthal
The Sign – by Robert Van Kampen
Anti-Christ Before The Day of the Lord – by Alan Kurschner
And, to be fair: The Pre-Wrath Rapture View: An Examination and Critique

The truth is, none of us knows exactly when the rapture will happen. If the Bible were 100% clear on this issue, there would be only one view and not many, as there are now. To staunchly defend one view over another, and accuse those who disagree of spreading false doctrine, is not an act worthy of a Watchman.

Secondly, I completely understand your concern over this statement: “Let me be clear: I place little to no value on traditional biblical views”. The word tradition or traditional refers only to inherited, established, or customary patterns of thought, action, or behavior. To say that I place little to no value on ‘traditional’ Biblical views is to say that I don’t necessarily hold to everything the Church teaches in response to what the Bible says.

For instance, Romans 8:26-27 says: “In the same way the Spirit also helps our weakness; for we do not know how to pray as we should, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words; and He who searches the hearts knows what the mind of the Spirit is, because He intercedes for the saints according to the will of God.” How many times have you heard this taught in relation to speaking in tongues? Depending on the type of church you attend, you will hear it often. I do believe in speaking in tongues, but is that really what this scripture says? No, it says the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words. Not that we start praying for ourselves with words of another tongue.

This is just an example of what I mean when I say that I do not follow or teach tradition for the sake of tradition. I am not attacking the Bible. Nor am I attempting to teach strange doctrine. Everything I teach is according to the letter of the Word. God’s word, not man’s. Most of what I teach lines up with traditional views, but my goal is not to teach tradition or what other people think the Bible means. But what the Bible actually says.

As for referring to the didache. I know this is a great source of contention, so let me give you some background. The blogger with whom I was conversing holds to the fact that the early Christians (not in the book of Acts, but in history) held to a pre-tribulational rapture belief. This is not conveyed in the post that contains our comments, so the relevance is absent. He makes this statement as an historical fact and I presented an historical defense by referencing a valid historical writing that clears refutes his statement. If you honestly look at my statement and the relevant facts, you will see that I did not go in search of Truth within the Didache. I fully understand that this book is just a book, written by men. It is not the Bible and it does not contain TRUTH.

[Again] I am not attacking the Bible. Nor am I attempting to teach strange doctrine. Everything I teach is according to the letter of the Word. God’s word, not man’s. Most of what I teach lines up with traditional views, but my goal is not to teach tradition or what other people think the Bible means. But what the Bible actually says. If for this, I am being publicly discredited and labeled as teaching false doctrine or ‘double speak’ (and that without a chance to first defend my words), then I concede.

Thank you.

Addition to Original Post – 4/29/2019

I have posted the following reply to Spaniard VIII. This is my final communication on this subject. I am posting this so that if it is removed from his site, there is still a record of my words. You can find a complete thread of comments (though he has deleted my original response shown above, so I can’t guarantee he will not do the same to additional comments) at his site address as noted above.


I have a few things to say in response to your comment above, but before I go any further I would like to address one matter in particular: 

In regard to my referencing the Didache, I concede on this point. Though I cited this material in the innocence of my heart, I did not consider the implications it could have on a new or less mature, less knowledgeable Christian; that might take my reference as an endorsement, or wrongly assume that any Truth could be found within its pages. For this, I am truly regretful and issue this statement: The Didache is a document written by men and is NOT a source of infallible, inerrant truth; as is the Bible – the true Word of God.

I am not unteachable, as you say above. I understand completely why you felt the need to confront me and I don’t fault you for that. But please, consider your approach. The Bible gives us very explicit instructions as to how Christians are to confront one another for a reason. One of which, besides fact-gathering, is to foster a safe environment for dialogue. Yet, you seem to gloss over this, as if how you handled this situation was completely acceptable, and should have no bearing on my response.

You say you have not slandered me. But you have slandered me. How? You have: written a public post that depicts a picture of a demon plotting to deliberately deceive people; accused me of moving away from sound teaching in the New Testament, seemingly because you don’t have a full understanding of what I teach and happen to disagree with me anyway; accused me of lying; accused me of referencing the Didache to deliberately sway people away from scripture to extra-biblical teaching; presumed to assign my heart motives; and in your comments to Hawk2017, you imply that I am not even a Christian.

Not once have you asked me anything or tried to gain any understanding. You have only told me what you assert to be true. And in spite of my previous comments (which you seem to have deleted from your site), you hold to your version of the story and your methods of confrontation. You appear to be very zealous about defending righteousness and truth, and I admire that. Yet, you violate clear Biblical instructions in order to attack me, a child of God. This is not a light matter.

In spite of these things, God has given me the grace to forgive you. I hold nothing against you and will not retaliate by attacking you in return. I have replied and presented my defense to your allegations, therefore, I see no reason to continue this dialogue. I will glean what I can from this encounter and I pray you will do the same. I may not agree with you or your methods, but you are my brother in Christ, and I pray God blesses you in your life and ministry to others.


*I’m hoping you will be gracious enough to post this reply, as I see you removed my original reply to you.

34 thoughts on “My Defense

    • Thank you. It’s most frustrating to me that I would be accused of going against scripture by people who have violated the scriptural principle of accusation by not confronting me privately first. And before moving forward with this publicly without two or more witnesses. This is a perfect example of gross hypocrisy.

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  1. God bless you Dee! You and I may not agree on the timing of the Rapture and end times events, but you are not a false preacher. You are my sister in Christ and you love Jesus with all of your heart and you proclaim He is the only way to salvation. I had a good chat with SpaniardVIII today regarding his post and I let him know that he should have talked with you first and I let him know that you love Jesus and you are not trying to deceive anybody. I also received an email from ModConspiracy (had never heard from her before) and had a chat with her regarding your disagreement and disagreements about the end times and the Rapture in general. She was emailing me based on the comments I left on SpaniardVIII’s post today. I also let her know that you love Jesus. Sounds like there was some misunderstanding in the beginning, but you cleared it up and you both decided to agree to disagree. I advised her that course of action would be the best.

    Unfortunately, the Rapture and end times is a source of disagreement among many believers. I pray we all just focus on Jesus and sharing the Gospel in these dangerous times we find ourselves in. We need to spend more time helping the lost instead of arguing with those who are already saved. There will always be arguments about doctrine, but I am more concerned about people who preach the false works based salvation than I am about Rapture disagreements. You and I agree that we are saved by grace through faith in Jesus and not by works. Any disagreements we have about the Rapture and end times can be delved into through fellowship and the study of God’s Word, but you are my sister in Christ forever! Grace and peace to you Dee!

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    • Thank you Ryan. Your thoughts and opinions mean a lot to me. As for modconspiracy, yes it did start out as a disagreement and I tried to explain myself to no avail. I felt my words were being twisted and so I ended communication. My understanding was that we did agree to disagree. Unfortunately that didn’t stop her from posting three separate articles about me and spreading these lies that are now being shared on WordPress.

      What I will take away from this, even though I feel I already do this to a great degree, is to be more explicit in everything I say. I never thought there would be people who would twist my words or misunderstand them to such a gross degree.

      As for the timing of the rapture, I have always said that no one knows for sure. The pre-wrath rapture is my opinion and I will not change that because people attack me for it. To be honest, I hope I’m wrong. I would much rather be raptured before the first seal is opened. But if I am not wrong, at least I will be prepared.

      God bless, Ryan.

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  2. I guess what I think is that you must be doing something right or you would not be experiencing persecution. You really don’t have to explain yourself to anyone. Any Bible teacher that is well known has several critics and people calling them heretics. I recently had someone make a youtube video that has since been taken down saying I was trying to teach men in my blog. People just jump to conclusions. I did take it as a sign that I was moving in the right direction. If you have a favorite Bible teacher, just look them up on the web. There will be lots of people criticizing them! Hang in there, it’s just part of being in ministry. Best wishes!!!

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    • Thank you, Valerie. I really appreciate your thoughts. It’s so hard to know the right direction to take when this type of thing comes up, and to be honest, I’ve not had this happen until recently. Your situation is comforting and encouraging to hear, though I’m sure it must have been hard for you to go through. And you’re right, many Bible teachers are consistently criticized and I don’t know why I should be any different. But, I will be sure to glean what I need to from this, and have been seeking God about what that should be. But I will continue to write what He puts on my heart. Though, probably with a little more caution on my choice of words! God bless you and thanks so much for commenting.

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      • I will be praying for you. Yes, the first time I started getting hammered, I was upset. Now, I just figure it goes with the territory. I, too, have had to learn to choose my words wisely. But the key is to write what the Lord gives you to write. If we write that, it doesn’t matter what people think. We will have done our job. We can live with that. We just have to be faithful to deliver the message He gives us. It’s that simple!

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      • One other thing I forgot to tell you…you must forgive those who are attacking you. It also helps to pray for them that God would add to them every blessing. I started blessing the man who was attacking me and he quit. I wrote it in my reply….”May God give you every blessing, etc… to paraphrase what Jesus said, “Pray for those who persecute you and bless them!”

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        • Thanks Valerie. God has put that upon my heart also, as far as forgiveness. And I have been praying for them, but I never thought of blessing them. That is definitely a word from God. Thanks so much for coming back and sharing that. ❤

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  3. Sorry to hear about the heretic claims. It’s par for the course. Christians are the ones who will attack you more than any other. There’s more interest in finding heretics than preaching the Gospel. Many are more offended by a different rapture interpretation than one’s position on abortion or marriage etc.
    Not to long from now, we will need to learn to support one anther instead of throwing verbal or written stones at each other.
    By this shall they know us.
    That we have love for one another
    Not by our rapture interpretation.

    Come on Christians. The fight is not against one another.
    God bless,
    Keep pressing on.


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    • Thanks Doug. Thanks for the encouragement. Your words are so true. There is very little love or grace anymore amongst Christian’s at large. And they think they are doing a great service to God by attacking and pointing fingers at each other. But God is my Judge and thankfully He is full of grace and truth. God bless.

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      • You’re very welcome.
        I believe that once the tribulation starts, (no idea when that will be, or if I’ll be here) most if not all of the critical Christians will be quickly humbled and the Body of Christ will unite. There will be no choice. And there will be no time for anyone to say “I told you so.” It will be very serious business then, and fearful watching of the unfolding events.

        God bless,


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  4. Dee, first off, I understood what you meant in your post that was attacked. He totally took it out of context. I agree that he should have come to you first. He didn’t and that cannot be changed. Now all we can do is pray against the enemy using this against you and hindering the work you are trying to do.

    If he doesn’t respond to your latest response. Let it be. Don’t go to anyone else’s blog, don’t respond to anyone’s comments to him. Let it be. Doing more will only hurt yourself. You may lose a few followers, but the ones who agree with your beliefs will hang on.

    The more work you do for God, the more the enemy will fight you. Draw the cloak of the Holy Spirit around you and let God fight your battle. Ephesians…and having done all..stand.

    I am sorry you are experiencing this and will be praying for you. In Christ, Brenda

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    • Hi Brenda. I really appreciate your insight, advice, and encouragement in this message. Thank you for letting me know that you understood what I meant. I agree that he is taking my words out of context.

      He did finally post my comments and his reply, but it seems he largely disregarded what I said. I do plan to reply once more; not for his sake, but for the sake of the readers. And then I am done.

      I’m not concerned about losing followers, God will bring those He wants to be here. This blog is by Him and for Him and I trust Him to do with it as He thinks best.

      Thanks again for commenting and for your prayers and wisdom. God bless 😊

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  5. Brenda, thanks so much for your previous comment. I haven’t published it and won’t if you’re worried about it. But I would like to, if you’re okay with that. Though I would edit out anything you’re uncomfortable with or anything I think might offend. Just let me know. God bless!


  6. Thank you so much, Brenda. I wrote a reply to you, but I’m afraid you can’t see it because I didn’t post, as you said. I very much appreciate your concern about protecting me. 😊 To be honest, I think it’s in keeping with what others have said in the comments and I’m not concerned about it causing any trouble. So, I’d like to post it and my comments, but I want to make sure you’re okay with it before I do. Your thoughts?

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  7. Dee, I may not completely agree with your views on this but the way you were attacked was not ok, especially from a fellow Christian. I am sorry that this happened to you. This reminds me of what Paul said in 1 Corinthians 6.

    As it is, to have legal disputes against one another is already a defeat for you. Why not rather be wronged? Why not rather be cheated? Instead, you yourselves do wrong and cheat — and you do this to brothers and sisters!
    1 Corinthians 6:7‭-‬8 CSB

    This disagreement should’ve been brought to you personally, not through a post. Praying for you in this time of persecution.

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    • Thank you, Ryan. I appreciate your comments and encouragement. We will definitely not all agree with each other in areas where the Bible isn’t completely clear, such as the end times and other ambiguous scenarios. But these things are secondary, and should not become a source for contention and fighting. Rather, the Bible says:

      “And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption. Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice. Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.” Ephesians 4:30-32

      I didn’t want to address this on my blog, but as it was a public rebuke and accusation, I felt it necessary to write a public defense. But I have forgiven those involved and am gleaning what I can from what was said. God uses everything in our lives to bring about good, and I am sure this is no exception.

      God bless, Ryan!

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  8. Hi Dee. I am sorry that you have been wrongfully accused. But, God will vindicate for you. It is so sad when we as Christians fight against each other. In spite of their negative comments God will use it to make your blog grow. You will get more people to view your blog to see your honest and sincere work. What the devil meant for bad God will turn it into good. Have a great day.

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