Today, it is my pleasure to feature: HeartSwap!

Brittany @ is an aspiring young blogger whose heart has undoubtedly been captured by the Lord Jesus Christ! Her quote below, “Love that makes our jaw drop. Truth that makes our sin stop”, grabbed my attention right away when I visited her site. At just 19 years old, the depth of her insight, devotion, and writing is refreshingly hope-filled.

I’ve included Brittany’s Welcome page below, as well as two of her posts that I found especially impactful. If you’ve not yet met Brittany, please take this opportunity to check out her site and introduce yourself! Just click on the link provided above. You won’t be disappointed – and I promise, you will be blessed!

Brittany, thank you for sharing words of love, wisdom, and encouragement with your readers. May God bless and keep you in His love all your days!