Today I am pleased to introduce to you:

Meet Daily Thankful @ Daily Hopeful!

Daily’s blog posts are a welcome dose of Truth and Encouragement each day. Sometimes even surprising me as to their relevance at the moment I find them in my reader. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting, please take this opportunity to familiarize yourself with Daily’s site. I’ve included the About page below, as well as a recent blog post which I found especially relevant to me. I hope you’ll take the time to visit and introduce yourself!

About Daily Hopeful

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Daily Hopeful is a place where I where I share images, Bible verses, and inspirational quotes that emphasize faith-based hope. As with my other blog, Daily Thankful, I write from a Christian perspective, and hope that this new blog will be a source of blessing and encouragement to any who may read it.

Courageous Prayer

So I came across this prayer this morning, and it’s one that I will keep in my back pocket whenever I feel afraid or worried. How easy it is to focus on what’s going wrong, or to put trust in our feelings! Oh, that I would trust God far more than my own emotions each day.

While I am not feeling worried today, I know it’s just a matter of time before the feeling surfaces again (I am prone to “analysis paralysis“). The next time that these feelings hit me, I will stand upon the truth that I know about the Lord and His promises, rather than giving my fears more attention and power than they deserve.

Also, I haven’t mentioned it here, but I have been dealing with a pretty significant spiritual battle for the past three weeks or so. It’s not so much that I was attacked, but rather that I felt a deep burden about a situation. It was so heavy that I was starting to doubt myself and my own discernment. Finally, I sought the wise guidance of two pastors, and – among other things – they confirmed that I likely have the spiritual gifts of discernment and prophecy in some measure. So I have been coming to terms with this, and I now realize that whenever I receive insight and understanding about people and situations I otherwise would not know, the Lord is the One who has given that information to me.  Even so, the experience can be quite alarming at times, but I also recognize that it’s called a spiritual “gift” for a reason: Such a gift, like any other, should be received with gratitude and used regularly.

By God’s grace, may I be a person of courageous prayer.  I pray the same for you as well.


Daily, thank you so much for sharing your words of wisdom and faith in God. Just when I need a word from God, there it is on your site! May God bless you this day and everyday!