Good Day, Fellow Bloggers!

After much prayer and consideration, I’ve decided to embark on a Sabbatical; from blogging and pretty much everything else I can possibly set aside right now. As of today I’m thinking one month, but God may have other plans as time goes on. I will keep you updated.

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Recently, there have been a multitude of changes in my life – some of which include the health of some family members, my own health, and a complete lack of time to juggle all of my resulting and additional commitments satisfactorily. But the most felt lack in my life right now, is my intimate time with God. Sadly, I have allowed this time to slip as I’ve been attempting to handle life in my own strength. And now I’m exhausted, sick, and spiritually depleted.

I plan to allow my previously scheduled posts for this week to publish on their own, but beginning next week I will not be posting anything for at least a month. Though I may not always find time during this month to read and/or comment on your posts, I will try to slowly catch up as much as possible when I return.

If you think of me while I’m away, would you pray for me? Would you please pray that God has His way in my life and in the lives of my family members? That I am able to shut out the world with all its distractions and just focus on Him, so that I can be strengthened and renewed in His presence? I would very much appreciate it!

Thank you my dear brothers and sisters for being a constant part of my life. I will miss you!  


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47 thoughts on “Sabbatical

  1. My prayers are with you as you take this sabbatical. We all need a little time off from blogging. I’ve grown to use my blogging time as my time with the Lord. I feel I learn so much from the thoughts of others, the friends I’ve made here and the research I do in my Bible so that my opinions will hold water. So far God continues to guide my writing. I have had moments when I feel I need to be alone with my thoughts – to become re-energized so that I can continue encouraging others. For me, the best place for the encourager to get encouragement is in God’s holy word. He has given us His voice through the Bible and the ability to communicate with Him because of it. May God bless your time off and give you more time to be with Him.

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    • Thank you, Kathy. I so appreciate your prayers and wisdom. I will miss my friends here more than I will miss blogging. Hopefully I’ll be able to sneak a peek now and then over the next month or so. Even so, I’m very much looking forward to this time with God and being in His word. God bless you!

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  2. Dee, I know you have given this transition a great deal of prayer and supplication. What I don’t know is whether you will wholeheartedly ‘let go and let God’. May I encourage you that during this time of sabbatical you relinquish “I thoughts” and preference your statements with “The Holy Spirit comforts me with thoughts of…” In other words, do not allow self to control you. Take as long as you need for restoration, my sister. Right now, I need to get a Kleenex. And please know that you will be sorely missed.

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  3. Dee — I would be honored to pray for your physical health and spiritual renewal, also that you will, in God’s good time, return! Your honest appraisal of a need for rest comes as I’ve been laboring for the past week to respond to two award nominations — one of them from you! — that I have been so hopelessly remiss in carrying out that it is embarrassing. I came onto your site just now to apologize to you. I, too, have struggled with blogging commitments, supporting fellow bloggers, while writing a book, running a men’s Christian fellowship, serving in ministry, and writing a teaching program for new believers. I’ve been amazed at your high energy level and extremely professional output. Now, I see you’re human :-). One of the many blessings I cherish from the blogging experience is meeting fellow Christian bloggers online and learning about new bloggers. Your site is my go-to site to meet new faces. God bless you richly, my sister in Christ. WP

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    • Hi Ward! So good to hear from you. 😊 First of all, I assure you that I am all too human. Unfortunately, I forget that and push myself beyond the limits God has set for me.. hence my much needed sabbatical! As for the award nomination, you owe me no apology or response post. I enjoy recognizing those who bless me with their blogs solely so that others can also be blessed. I had no idea how many brands you have in the fire! I don’t know how how you do it, honestly. I would have to pick one on your list and stick with that. How’s that for human? Thank you so much for your prayers on my behalf, I can’t tell you how much that means to me. I pray God also blesses you in your ministries and writing (can’t wait to read your book!) and life in general. Love in Christ. 🤗 Dee

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  4. Father, I lift Your daughter Dee before You at this time. I pray Father that as she takes the stand to surrender to Your leading in her life that she would relinquish all her cares and fears to You. I pray Father that You would move mightily both in her life and that of her relatives. Build an hedge of protection around them Lord, and nestle them to Your bosom. I ask that Holy Spirit would be a source of strength, comfort and wisdom during this season of uncertainty and as Dee seeks You through the gift of Your Word, that her mind would be illuminated to Your leading. Bless her time away and grant her refreshing Lord. Refill and replenish her upturned cup to You. Remove all the distractions and show her all the subtle devices of the enemy to keep her busy and bombarded with the cares of this life. Tune her heart to Your voice Father. Make her an instrument of Your peace to all around. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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  5. Definitely understand. I will keep you in prayer. If during your time off, you need more specific prayer, let me know. Would you pray for me also as I have times of struggle to keep going?

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    • Thank you so much for your prayers, Brenda. And your offer to contact you for more specific prayer if needed. That means so much to me! I will most definitely pray for you as well. These are exhausting times and it can be so difficult to keep going. Even Jesus had to get away to remote places to be strengthened in His Father’s presence. I pray God blesses you richly; and that He refreshes, strengthens, and renews you in His presence. Love in Christ. Dee

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      • Yes daily blogging can become a drudgery especially when we realize how few actually read what we write. Lots of likes do not always reflect what we wish they did. Time away reminds me that God is always listening and that what I write must be for Him.

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        • So true! It’s made even more difficult when trying to keep up with and encourage others in their writing – which is something I like to do, but don’t always find the time. God bless you, brother.


  6. Dear Dee, I will be praying for this time of special communion with our Lord. May he bless you with a precious fellowship with Him and return you with refreshing and vigor for His name and glory.

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  8. Hi Dee. We will miss you but we all need to rest sometimes. Today I was thinking of taking some time off also but then I reialized that the words that God inspired me to write encouraged me tremendously. I pray that God will continue to strengthen and keep you
    I pray that He will heal and deliver you and your family from any health issues that you are facing. I declare that sickness will not be your portion and the Lord will satisfy you with long life to continue His work. In Jesus name. Amen.

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    • Amen! Thank you Beverley! I so appreciate your prayers. I’m probably going to extend my time out until at least the end of August. After being sick for 2-1/2 weeks, I broke my ankle (lower right tibia) and severely sprained the ligaments and tendons in my foot. Can you believe it?!

      I’ve got another 3 weeks in my cast, then many months of physical therapy. But, praise God, I don’t need surgery and the main tendon (poroneal) is intact and well!

      Thanks for checking in. God bless!


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