Could Nikki Haley be President in 2024?

Nikki Haley as POTUS? What a wonderful idea! Not many people these days have the morals, ethics, and fortitude to stand against the growing evil in our world and country like Nikki Haley. Will she run? Who knows at this point. But if she does, I for one will vote for her! The Bible tells us that man makes his plans, but God directs his steps, Proverbs 16:9. In the end, only God knows whom He has chosen to lead our country in the upcoming years, our job is to pray and vote according to what and whom He lays on our hearts. I hope you enjoy this post by Looking For The Blessed Hope.

God bless! Dee

Looking for the Blessed Hope

At times I wonder if this world can survive until 2024! However, I am also absolutely certain of God’s sovereignty, and His Word tells us to “do business” until He returns! (Luke 19:13) I have always appreciated Nikki Haley’s commitment to walk with the Lord, and her attitude about things. She stood firmly with Israel against the rolling tide in the UN. She knows what is Biblical, she knows Israel’s God-given place in this world, and she isn’t afraid to take a stand! She “does business” in the Kingdom of God, and I want to do that, too! Don’t you?

Biblically, I think of Deborah, the prophetess, who heard God’s Word and shared it with others. Rather than offering sacrifices, she worshiped the Lord. (Judges 4-5) I also think of Esther, a Jewish woman who found favor and saved the Jewish people. She attained royalty “for…

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