Schiff Admits Impeachment is a Coup – Frontpagemag

Source: Schiff Admits Impeachment is a Coup – Frontpagemag

Thu Jan 23, 2020 Daniel Greenfield

The lingering question for the man on the street who doesn’t care to litigate the rights and wrongs of both sides, to find Ukraine on a map or switch rapidly between MSNBC and FOX News to figure out what’s going on, is why not wait for the election.

Bill Clinton was impeached in the middle of his second term. That’s the time when it makes the most sense to impeach a president. He can’t run again, but he still has some years remaining in office. 

Nixon was on his second term. Johnson was an unpopular vice president who was obstructing the will of the legislature. 

But why impeach Trump in the sunset of his first term as an election is coming up?

Rep. Schiff had an answer. It explains everything.

“If not remedied by his conviction in the Senate and removal from office, President Trump’s abuse of his office and obstruction of Congress will permanently alter the balance of power among the branches of government,” the 59-year-old congressman said.

Schiff accused Trump of attempting to “use the powers of the presidency to cheat in an election.”

“For precisely this reason, the president’s misconduct cannot be decided at the ballot box, for we cannot be assured that the vote will be fairly won,” he said.

That’s to say, Trump has to be impeached because elections that he wins are illegitimate. This isn’t an impeachment then. It’s a coup.

Schiff officially laid out a case for why we can’t trust our system of elections and must instead legislatively intervene to remove an elected official. 

That’s a hell of an argument whose implications he hasn’t thought through. If we can’t trust the national system of elections that gave us POTUS, why should we trust elections in dinky states like California, where voters get to choose between two Democrats?

If impeachment, or investigations, are a remedy for an untrustworthy system of elections, what happens to Rep. Schiff?

And what does that make impeachment except a coup, a means of removing illegitimate leaders by a political faction in the government that rejects the outcome of free elections?

Despite the vague Maddowy claims of election hacking, there’s no meaningful evidence that the system itself has been tampered with. Instead all the claims meant to cast doubt on the outcome of the 2016 elections suggest that the electorate was tampered with through ‘fake news’ and bots and all the other nonsense. That’s to say, Schiff is suggesting that the American people can’t be trusted.

The Senate is being asked to remove President Trump from office because Schiff and the Democrats don’t trust the people not to vote for him again.

More than that, it’s an open expression of a defining belief in the worthlessness of the system of elections. The attack on Trump are really an attack on our political system, not just the electoral college or Facebook’s ads policies, but the legitimacy of the electorate.

That’s a coup.


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20 thoughts on “Schiff Admits Impeachment is a Coup – Frontpagemag

  1. Amen Dee, well said! Schiff is a liar and his whole impeachment is a scam filled with lies and false accusations. It’s the dems who always try to tamper with elections. It’s the dems that somehow get illegal aliens and even dead people to vote. All of their false accusations against Trump will come back on them badly. Nobody is going to vote for those traitorous liars. The more they whine and stomp their feet about Trump, the more people will see the truth that their impeachment is nothing more than a hateful witch hunt. Trump hasn’t done anything illegal. They are the ones who are making illegal moves as they try to illegally remove a duly elected President. They are so mad that the American people soundly rejected their sinful liberal ideology that they have been throwing a violent fit since 2016. Praying God smites their lies and spreads revival through this country! God bless!

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    • Thanks Ryan. I have been praying that God will expose the lies and those who are lying for all to see. Whoever that may be. The upside is that there are two sides that have to vote, so the democrats are not able to carry on their coup without checks and balances, unlike many other countries that don’t have this safeguard. At the end of the day, we have to trust God to do what only He can do. God bless.

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  2. A coup is the perfect way to describe this whole circus. I just can’t see why so many Democrats can’t see the truth or what is going on. This is very scary indeed, and it will affect EVERY President from here on out.

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    • Exactly! And Trump is the one that’s ‘allegedly’ tampering with the elections? He doesn’t have to tamper with the election, he has the vote of the majority already. This strategically planned impeachment trial is the most overt election tampering scheme I’ve ever seen in my life.

      Even so the democrats are fooling many people with their classic ‘accuse others of what you yourself are doing’ scheme. Mainly because those people have already made up their minds because they’re followers who don’t think for themselves. This is why I posted all of these impeachment trial days. They give people the option to be informed and not just side with one view or the other because that’s what they already made their mind up to do.

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  3. I admire your boldness in taking this stand. Many Trump supporters are not willing to take the mockery dealt to those who support him. Thank you and your readers for prayers for our nation and our president.

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    • Thanks Oneta. Strangely I have a lot of family, friends, and coworkers that are Democrats. If any of them do think less of me for my views they don’t say so. Most just don’t speak to me about it. And the ones who do always wish they wouldn’t have. LOL!

      I think the difference is that I don’t stand for Trump. I stand for righteousness and fairness. And I am very vocal about my faith. Maybe they respect that… or maybe they’re just afraid of me! 😂

      God bless!

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  4. Abortion is a big NO for me. I believe that is the great divide. I was glad when Pres Trump indicated he would push for a stop to late term abortions at SOTU last night. I’m glad to have hope!

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    • Amen! I’m in total agreement. I loved the State of the Union address. So refreshing. In spite of Pelosi’s immature antics.

      Don’t get me wrong, I am a Trump supporter and I identify with the republican party’s values and morals. And not at all with the Democratic Party. But I am not one of those who stands for Trump above all else just because he’s Trump. And I think my friends, family, and coworkers know that, so they don’t try to hassle me over it. I am also not above speaking my mind when I think the situation warrants it and they know that too.

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