10 thoughts on “Sunday Church Service – Northland Christian Fellowship

  1. Dee, researchers believe that more people are tuning in to virtual (Youtube) sermons now than people who actually attended our brick and mortar edifices prior to Covid-19. My church, Stone TV – YouTube, also does a live church service broadcast at the same time as your church. In addition, we also use Zoom for Sunday School classes, too. Regular church going members can no longer remain in the dark about the question the Rich Young Ruler asked Jesus in Matthew 19:16-30: “What can i do to inherit eternal life?” It is obvious that Jesus is trying to tell us something in the middle of this pandemic. “In addition to keeping the Commandments, we must sell those things that so easily beset us and give attention to the poor (in spirit) among us.” Blessed are the poor in spirit for they shall see God.

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    • Amen, Sister Fowler! Times, they have changed. To be honest, I feel as if the true Church is emerging in a way, due to this pandemic. Those who were attending in person that are no longer attending online, those who were not attending in person who are now attending online, and those who are tried and true in person or online — each have their own stories and their own reasons for attending or not, but it seems this trial is drawing out the true motives and desires of all our hearts. I pray that more people will be saved during this time and that all Christians everywhere will be strengthened in heart and spirit to follow Christ, come what may in our future. And I pray God blesses you tremendously in your walk with Him. I only know you through WordPress, but you are my sister and I love you in Christ. Be blessed and safe today. Dee

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