John Haller Prophecy Update: Banned-Demic

“Plandemic?” Probably far from it. Apparently, many Christians have discarded reason and discernment for an emotional overreaction to the current pandemic that is devastating our families and the economy with the advent of a recent, New Age rooted video, that has gone viral online.

When evaluating any statement or position, it is imperative that we, as believers, examine the source behind the material presented, resisting the tendency to bias our reaction to it on how it makes us feel. While we may want to believe what is being said, many times an explanation becomes a convenient answer to an unanswerable question. We must exercise discernment and test all things…and if it does not meet the test, it must be discarded as invalid. Such is John’s evaluation of the “Plandemic” video that has been produced by some questionable persons. Don’t believe us? Wait until you see the brief excerpt of a video from one of the video-backer’s websites. If you don’t see the concern we have for the content of the video when the sources are so questionable, then you are simply not paying attention.

It is a sad time when many in the Christian community will become agitated and abusive over their “opinion” on things that should not divide us. Issues of the faith, such as Jesus being the Way, the Truth and the Life, and the ONLY way to have salvation, are issues that we can fall on our swords for. But to become angry over someone who honestly disagrees with you about content of an online video, on a topic that is not a salvation issue, is a bitter representation of the type of Christianity that has become prevalent in our society. May we do better as a whole, focusing on those things that unite us as brothers and sisters in Christ, instead of allowing deception to divide us.

John Haller is an American Litigation Attorney in Columbus, Ohio; as well as serving in the office of Elder at Fellowship Bible Chapel in Sunbury, Ohio. His weekly Prophecy Updates have been heard by millions since 2013. The skills John employs as an attorney have served him well in his analytical approach to gathering, interpreting, and sharing information and current events as they pertain to Biblical Prophecy. If you would like to hear more by John, please visit his YouTube page.

The views and opinions expressed in this video are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official opinion or position of Sixth Seal Ministries. Sixth Seal Ministries holds to a Post-Tribulation, Pre-Wrath Rapture view. References to other views that may be shared in these videos are strictly the opinion of those sharing, and should not detract from the prophecy update material shared.

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