VIDEO DEBATE: On the Religious Identity of the Antichrist with Joel Richardson & Chris White

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DEBATE With Joel Richardson & Chris White: Will The Antichrist Be ...

This is a debate on the doctrine of the Antichrist moderated by Derek Gilbert of Skywatch TV. Originally aired May 29, 2020.

Chris White: Opening Arguments: 1:16
Joel Richardson: Opening Arguments: 31:33
Chris White: 1st Response: 1:02:17
Joel Richardson: 1st Response: 1:17:16
Chris White: 2nd Response: 1:32:19
Joel Richardson: 2nd Response: 1:42:26
Chris White: Questions and Closing: 1:52:20
Joel Richardson: Questions and Closing: 2:03:14

This debate with Joel Richardson and Chris White is on the topic of if the Antichrist will be of Jewish or Gentile descent. A widely held belief that runs rampant in the church was the notion that Antichrist will be of Jewish origin. However, upon closer examination, we find no real Scriptural basis for such a view. In fact, the Bible teaches just the opposite that the Antichrist will be of Gentile descent. Well what does the Bible say, why does this matter so much, and what are the ramifications for getting this interpretation wrong? The stakes are a lot higher than you might think. #Antichrist #JewishAntichrit #GentileAntichrist

About Joel Richardson:
Joel Richardson is a New York Times bestselling author, filmmaker, and internationally recognized teacher. Joel lives in the United States with his wife and five children. Joel’s heart is thoroughly missional, with a special love for all the peoples of the Middle East. Joel travels globally teaching on the Gospel, living with Biblical Hope, the return of Jesus, and preparing the Church to face the great challenges of our time.

About Chris White:
Chris is an author, filmmaker, and host of several online radio programs on various subjects. He is also the director of the internet radio station called The Revelations Radio Network. He produces documentaries and short videos for educational purposes.

23 thoughts on “VIDEO DEBATE: On the Religious Identity of the Antichrist with Joel Richardson & Chris White

  1. Thanks very much for this teaching dear Dee,.

    This very definitely IS my ‘cup of tea,’

    A backslidden Jew or a Gentile MP?

    Mystery of mysteries, who WILL it be?

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    • A mystery indeed, and one I fear will remain unsolved until we see it coming to pass. Though I think it’s important to debate, as the ramifications of each are vastly different.

      I know it’s a long video and will take some time to get through, but it is definitely worth the time spent.


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      • Agreed. I used to try to figure out who it might be, but I’ve long since stopped; partly because I didn’t want to be fooled by the Anti-Christ because of becoming too fixated on a candidate or perceived prerequisite that could turn out to be wrong.

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        • I totally agree with you, JM. Isn’t that what the Jews did? The scholars throughout the centuries decided they knew exactly what the Messiah would do and where he would come from. But they were wrong, and they crucified their Messiah.

          I’m not against speculation, but I also think people should keep an open mind that things could be different where the scripture isn’t completely clear. So many become militant about their views to the point that they mistake doctrine for dogma.

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      • I am also in the process of writing about these events but from a purely fictional perspective, so this compare & contrast approach has helped me in part to fill in the gaps. The main character in my story is the antichrist (Catholic), which I am crafting into the likeness of the Roman Emperor Justinian, who wholeheartedly wants to restore the Hebrew religion, and is close friends with the second Beast of Rev 13, Rabbi Isaac. Together they are to retrieve the 12 magical gems of Aaron’s Breastplate, which is presently being used to secure the entrance to Gog’s fortress in the far reaches of the north. (The Breastplate represents the foundation of Solomon’s Temple, and is required to rebuild the Temple.) Gog, or Lucifer, will empower Justinian, but will not come onto the scene until the end so as to make one crushing blow against Israel, and then you know who appears, but from the perspective of the world (a non-christian view) it will appear as an all out alien attack, thus all the military forces of the nations will surround this so called intruder. The Temple in my story will actually be the abomination of desolation; i.e., it will provide a nuclear like energy required to sustain all the ancient temples from around the world. This vast interlocking form of technology will keep people in a zombie like state, so that the leaders of the world can manipulate them, but in a much more efficient way. This borg like connection will enable men to live as immortals and many shall seek death during the great tribulation but will find none. Also the fallen ones, or the nephilim, are going to play an active role in the turn of events. They are to devour those who refuse to bend the knee to Justinian, and they will also rebuild the ancient temples with great speed. This will enable them to have a direct psychic connection to their parents, as in the fallen angels. This is why the second half of the 7 year tribulation is going to be one of complete horror! According to my fiction that is. In many respects I am most thankful to you Christians for helping me to connect the dots.

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        • Wow, that sounds like quite the novel! I would actually like to read that once it’s published. Though it is quite fantastical when you compare it to the actual true story, it does sound very intriguing. Will you be publishing it as an e-book? And can you let me know once it is on the market?

          Liked by 1 person

          • Thank you for your kind sentiment! However, I wouldn’t want to distract you from your ministry. As you say, the actual true story is probably where you need to keep your focus. On the other hand, should you find some value in my imaginal interpretation, it may be best to sample my work before you decide either way. As we speak I am in the process of sharing weekly instalments on my website, so feel free to swing by. At present I have the Antichrist (Jason) chipping away at some of the fundamental doctrines of Christianity. As a mature Christian these arguments do little to tear down your actual faith based teachings, but they can be deadly in the hands of a secularist. So, perhaps, these sort of scenarios may prove to be helpful to you; i.e., that is in learning how to defend your beliefs. You see, the antichrist, as we know him through scripture, openly blasphemes God, right, so it may be wise to proactively counter his sophistry before it takes root in the minds and hearts of the masses. The only other reason that I can think of, right on the spot here, is that you may appreciate the various forms of art that I intend on using in order to bolster the story. For instance, I recently composed a song about Lucifer’s attitude towards Jehovah God, which may provide some additional perspective as to the moral that is taking precedence in the world at large. Allow me to show you my meaning:


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