This End Times Seminar featuring Paul Dorgan, presents a fair and well balanced approach to the End Times that covers all views and uses the Bible alone as the guidebook and authority throughout each session.

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Session 8 of an 8-Session End Times Seminar.

This Session begins by reviewing the step by step progression of events that will unfold on the prophetic timetable from Daniel’s 70th Week to the Millennium.

We then look in detail at events that will take place in the Two Divisions of the 75 Days Period that happen after the completion of the final 70th Week. We learn about these days in Daniel Chapter 12.

In the 30 Days Period, we see the Death and Resurrection of the Two Witnesses – and that Jesus Reclaims the Earth. We also see the Final Wrath of God poured out in 7 Bowl Judgments – and we look at each of these 7 Bowl Judgments and the Battle of Armageddon in detail.

Then we look at Scriptures that show why God is going to pour out His Wrath and how His desire is that none should perish – but that all would come into a saving relationship with God through His Son’s perfect sacrifice on their behalf. We see from Rev. 14 that God is even going to send an angel to make sure that everyone has a chance to hear the gospel.

While the 7 Bowl Judgments are being poured out on Earth, believers who are with Christ in Heaven will appear before the Judgment Seat of Christ to test the quality of work they have done for the Lord. Any work the Lord views as gold, silver, or costly stones will result in reward. We are saved by Jesus’ perfect sacrifice alone as the price for our sins. These rewards just determine what roles believers will have in the Kingdom of God.

Next, we turn to events that will take place in the 45 Days Period that follows the completion of the 30 Days Period. We see the Restoration of Mt. Zion, the Spiritual Restoration of Israel, and the new Millennium Temple built by Jesus.

Then we arrive at the Millennium. Two very important events happen on the first day of the Millennium – the Binding of Satan and the Sheep and Goat Judgment. We also look at some verses that describe what life will be like during the Millennium.

After the completion of the 1000 Years Millennium, we see some very tragic events. Satan is released from his prison to deceive again for one final revolt – and those who follow him are devoured. Unbelievers of the ages are then brought before God at the Great White Throne Judgment – and they are thrown into the eternal Lake of Fire. These are some of the saddest and most tragic passages in the entire Bible.

All those who put their faith and trust in God, and accepted Jesus’ perfect sacrifice for the forgiveness of their sins will live with God for all eternity in the New Heaven and the New Earth. God Himself will wipe away every tear and there will be no more death, mourning, crying, or pain. God Himself will dwell with His people and He will make all things new.

The Seminar ends by showing one final step by step progression of events that will unfold on the prophetic timetable from Daniel’s 70th Week to the Millennium.

Paul Dorgan