Lauren Daigle – You Say

Recent events in my life have threatened to attack my identity and worth as a person and child of God. This song has been so instrumental in helping me remember and cling to who God says I am and my worth in the eyes of my Savior, who loves me beyond measure – even laying down His life for mine. I hope it speaks to your heart as it has spoken and continues to speak to mine. Blessings, Dee

Click above to watch on YouTube

10 thoughts on “Lauren Daigle – You Say

  1. Brilliant song about our self-worth, beautifully sung, with all the lyrics displayed, so easy to sing along, if we identify (i did!)
    Truly we are “Fearfully and wonderfully made” – believing it, well, that’s another thing!

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  2. Thanks so much Dee. Beautifully sung and the lyrics are self-explanatory, ones i easily identify with.

    I’ve commented and also posted the video top item on my Facebook page. Many others will identify with it too, I’m sure.

    God bless,


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