VIDEO: Did God Just Allow the New World Order to Take Over the USA? Nelson Walters

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This wasn’t a normal election. Did God just allow the New World Order to take over the USA? Was this a coup d’état? (Also be sure to watch Future of America According to Bible Prophecy – SURPRISING

Many are mourning the apparent loss by Trump, but was something much more sinister taking place? What happens if the legislature, the courts and the presidency are all controlled by one group? Once the packing of the supreme court takes place there are no checks and balances. So the party in power can do anything they want. How should Christians prepare for this brave new world?

Should Christians Hide From Persecution – Now or During The Great Tribulation That’s Coming? Romans 13 and Government || When Should Christians Disobey?

Nelson Walters

14 thoughts on “VIDEO: Did God Just Allow the New World Order to Take Over the USA? Nelson Walters

  1. Who would even propose such a ridiculous idea? The people making such propositions haven’t made a single right prediction in 2,000 years. Prophecy fulfilled is more powerful than predictions failed.

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    • This title was posed as a question, right? I believe Nelson makes a compelling case for this election possibly being part of the “Prophecy fulfilled” of which you mentioned. If you haven’t listened to the video, it’s definitely worth the time.


      • Greetings Dee,
        Due to the volume of information I tag every day, I get easily confused about the blog author’s views.
        I confused you with Gina of Shredding The Veil. She is a “full Preterist”. I realize now that you are likely a Dispensationalist.
        That confusion means that my comment would make little sense to you based on your worldview and eschatology.
        I am trying to figure out my eschatology. I am definitely Postmillennial and possibly Partial Preterist, Christ’s return being the only prophetic event yet to be fulfilled.

        Note: I just reread your reply, and now have a completely different understanding of it. What starts at “So, let me explain…” is based on my initial reading, what follows immediately is in response to a correct reading.
        1. Yes, the title was a question. I did not watch the entire video, but I disagree with Walters’ initial premises. I’m thinking “God picks leaders” is something I will disagree with. That is part of a Calvinist interpretation, I think. I wish I had a sharper mind. I know enough to ask that question, I just can remember why or the answer. Humans have choice, and choosing evil seems to be the most frequently made choice.
        2. Since I reject his premises, Walter cannot make “a compelling case” for God allowing Biden to usher in the New World Order. I would argue that it is just as likely that God “picked” Trump to destroy the NWO. A task Trump is doing by NOT conceding and authorizing the DOJ to pursue allegations of election irregularities. Toss in the Hunter Biden scandal, and Kamal’s record in California, and I don’t think Biden/Harris will ever be elected.
        Don’t forget too that Trump has authorized the disassembling of the massive human/sex trafficking networks in America, and has worked for peace to the Middle East (supporting God’s chosen people the Jews) and the rest of the world.
        All actions to counter the NWO and reduce evil in the world.
        3. I ask at the end of my comment below: Did Nelson Walters give any specific dates for his predictions? I’m going to assign his “prophecy” a January 20, 2021 date for “fulfillment”. If Biden is inaugurated on that date then I will consider Walter’s “prophecy” “fulfilled.” Or at least started to come true.
        Note: How many of Walter’s “prophecies” have come true? I could only find info going back to 2015. It looks like he is relatively new to the prophecy scene. Do any of his prophecies have end dates?

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        • I decided to make this a separate reply.
          So, let me explain and even try to find common ground with you.
          1. Why do I think the idea that God has picked Biden for America is ridiculous?
          a. Based on my reading of the Bible, neither America nor any modern nation is referenced in the Bible. Modern Israel is the only one that I would even entertain that thought for, but based on my worldview and eschatology, the modern NATION of Israel is no longer part of God’s “plan”. The Jewish people may be.
          b. The end-times prophecies in the Bible are in “code” to provide “plausible deniability” for the authors so they won’t be summarily executed for their anti-government predictions. Any assignment of a description to a modern nation (Russia, Oops why weren’t those prophecies that equated the USSR with Russia supposed to be fulfilled?) or organization (the European Union. Oops again, the EU now has 27 countries in it. At least it has a 7 in it until the UK formally exits.) is pure speculation.
          2. People have been “predicting” God’s plan for America since the country was founded. None of those predictions has ever come true. Neither will the predictions put forth in the video. I stopped a couple of minutes in because I’ve “heard it all before” and none have come true nor will.
          Simple logic, based on his claim that “it is God Himself that chooses our leaders and kings” makes it is just as likely that God has chosen Trump to destroy the New World Order (NWO) as it is for God to have picked Biden to usher in the NWO.
          3. His claim that this election is a “sign” is yet another prediction that will fail simply because this election is NOT over. Not by a long-shot.
          The legal actions being taken as the result of allegations of voting irregularities will take time to play out and even if convictions are not the result, the investigations will expose the massive corruption in America.
          Additionally, the corruption of Hunter Biden and the Biden family including Joe, has only begun to be exposed and investigated. Harris is next. She is as corrupt and evil as Joe is, and Trump is not going to let her become President. Then we will see the entire Democrat Party exposed for its corruption. Followed shortly by that of RINOs. Then the rest of the Republicans. They are all evil, and I think it more likely that God has chosen Trump to expose that evil than for God to have chosen Biden to usher in the New World Order.
          Why would God want to INCREASE evil in the world? Christians, no matter what their eschatology, are called to establish Christ’s Kingdom on earth now, in the present “age”, whatever you wish to call this age. And that Kingdom will reduce evil.
          Side Note: Are you aware of the massive Christian awakening taking place around the world? While America seems to be becoming less Christian, many other nations are experiencing a revival of Christianity. Do you think China is cracking down on Christians because they are a declining group? I constantly get stories in my feed about massive Muslim conversion to Christianity. Europe is beginning to wake up to the Muslim invasion, and as in 1492, they will begin to drive them out and Christianity will be the basis for their actions. Put that prediction down for a 2021 beginning of fulfillment.
          Christians should be supporting those exposing evil in government while also witnessing to God’s plan for the salvation of humans. Christians should be doing things to improve the lives of all humans, not sitting back and letting God do the work.
          So I stand by my “ridiculous idea” analysis. Moreover, I will set a January deadline for my prediction that massive corruption and evil in America will be exposed and that Trump will be inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2021.
          Does Nelson Walters give any specific dates for his predictions?

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  2. OK, I made an ass out of myself by assuming that I knew what he would say in his video.
    I still disagree with his premise that God is intervening in American politics, but will watch at least the first video.
    I do NOT like video at all. It does not play with my phone screen off and if I watch it on my monitor, I cannot do anything else. I prefer just sound. Maybe I can find an audio version of this stuff.
    Some of the above replies are still relevant. Note too that I grew up in the Hal Lindsey era and have been hearing predictions about Israel for decades. None of which has ever come true. Dang, now I have to decide if I believe the “bless Israel, be blessed” philosophy is valid.
    And of course, now I realize we need to define: prophecy, prediction, etc. And how they fit into the Christian mandate to establish Christ’s Kingdom. That, two other lengthy comments, a letter to my child, and household chores. I wish I had a job so I could go there and ignore all these other things.

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  3. I did finish the first video.
    He seems to “set dates” and “time-frames”.
    He is presenting the need to plan for a possible Biden Presidency.
    He does “predict” the NWO taking over in the next 4 years.
    I reject that this election is part of any prophecy since I reject Dispensational eschatology.
    He does offer up some “compelling” prompts for Christians to prepare for life in an anti-Christian world, but since we already do, nothing he says is something I haven’t heard before. I do not consider those “prompts” as prophecy or prediction but simply instruction in how to live a Christian life.
    We do agree that it is the Christians role to evangelize.

    Note: I really don’t have anybody to discuss my ideas with. Much of this is simply a train of thought dump. You are the unfortunate recipient of this dump. Thank you for allowing me do do that, and for taking the time to reply.

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  4. I have been thinking along the same lines as Nelson. I don’t think Christians are really understanding how much they need to ask the Lord to prepare them for what is going to happen. How are you holding up?! Love, hugs and blessings pretty lady!

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    • I totally agree, Mandy, and that’s my focus and prayer right now. Things are going well, but life is a little overwhelming right now for me. Still stepping out of WordPress for a while… not sure what the future holds in that regard. How are you doing? I so loved your Thanksgiving prayer, by the way. 🙂

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      • I don’t know if you are interested in Skyping or FaceTime or anything like that but if you ever want someone to chat with, I am here for you!!! Also, thank you for introducing me to John Haller! I like to watch his YouTube video on Tuesdays (why that day, I do not know!). I appreciate that he is a voice of reason!!!!!

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        • Hi Mandy! I’m so glad you’re liking John Haller. I listen to him every week and and feel exactly the same way about his levelheadedness. No conspiracy theories or fantastical jargon there.

          Thank you so much for offering to Skype or FaceTime. It would be great to actually meet you. I also really appreciate your concern. I’m actually doing okay, I didn’t mean to make you worry. I’ve just been sort of downsizing on my distractions and unfortunately that includes WordPress right now. And Facebook.

          Mainly I feel like I really need to get back to the simplicity of the Bible and spending time with God. Life has been challenging this year, we’ve lost family members and others have been sick. Not to mention the disruption of Covid and this crazy election. It’s really brought me back to the basics of what’s important in life and knowing I need to take some time and recenter in Him.

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          • I totally understand where you are coming from I just wanted to put that out there! I also understand eliminating distractions! I am glad you are in tune with the Spirit to know that you need to step back! I’ll be honest, Dee this whole election is worse than I ever dreamed it would be! I know we are citizens of Heaven and Jesus is on the Throne! However, I am not thrilled nor excited about what is going to happen to the church and believers. I am praying for God to prepare us for the coming opposition/persecution even more fervently!


            • I couldn’t agree more, Mandy. I have to admit, I saw this coming.. in about 10 years! Not this year! Things are moving along the prophetic timeline much faster than I imagine any of us thought they would. Speaking of eliminating distractions, I quit all social media and closed all app accounts FB owns. I feel so FREE! ❤

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  5. Whatever happens God is still in control! He appoints the authorities and He knows the future. God has a plan much bigger than we can even fathom. Trust in the Lord and lean not on your own understanding. Praying for wisdom for all Christians.

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