Good morning, everyone! I was just listening to these again the other day and realizing how really great they are, so I thought I’d share them again. Blessings to all! Dee


This End Times Seminar featuring Paul Dorgan, presents a fair and well balanced approach to the End Times that covers all views and uses the Bible alone as the guidebook and authority throughout each session.

Paul Dorgan – YouTube Channel

Session 1 of an 8-Session End Times Seminar. This session covers an introduction to End Times, a Jet Tour of the Book of Revelation, and Three Views of the Millennium.

  • In Session 1, I begin by sharing that the following End Times topics will be covered in the Full Seminar:
  • Three Views of the Millennium, Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream – Daniel 2, Four Great Beasts – Daniel 7, Daniel’s 70 Weeks Prophecy – Daniel 9, Four Views of The Rapture, Beginning Birth Pains, The Great Tribulation, The Day of the Lord, Beginning Wrath of God, Final Wrath of God, The Judgment Seat of Christ, The Battle of Armageddon, The Sheep & Goat…

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