America the Beautiful

Oh beautiful for heroes proved In liberating strife Who more than self, their country loved And mercy more than life America, America may God thy gold refine ‘Til all success be nobleness And every gain divined Oh beautiful, for spacious skies For amber waves of grain For purple mountain majesties…

Lauren Daigle – You Say

Recent events in my life have threatened to attack my identity and worth as a person and child of God. This song has been so instrumental in helping me remember and cling to who God says I am and my worth in the eyes of my Savior, who loves me beyond measure.

Leeland – Way Maker

Greetings All! I trust everyone is well and still praising our great God! I have a song for you today that has really blessed me and reminded me that God is never out of control of anything, at anytime. He never leaves us to weather the road alone. He is always by our side and…

Newsboys – Hallelujah He Reigns!

It’s the song of the redeemed Rising from the African plain It’s the song of the forgiven Drowning out the Amazon rain The song of Asian believers Filled with God’s holy fire It’s every tribe, every tongue, every nation A love song born of a grateful choir It’s all God’s children singing Glory, glory, hallelujah He reigns, He reigns!

Plumb – Behold

Years of silence Waiting on a king They thought they knew who you would be A soldier, fearless and strong A warrior, but they were wrong In the darkest night Came brightest light Behold Behold A baby’s birth Precious lamb of God Behold Behold Your gift to us Savior of the world

Chris Tomlin – Nobody Loves Me Like You

Morning, I see You in the sunrise every morning It’s like a picture that You’ve painted for me A love letter in the sky Story, I could’ve had a really different story But You came down from heaven to restore me Forever saved my life Nobody loves me like You love me, Jesus I stand in awe of Your amazing ways I worship You as long as I am breathing God, You are faithful and true Nobody loves me like You

Casting Crowns – Oh My Soul

Oh, my soul Oh, how you worry Oh, how you’re weary, from fearing you lost control This was the one thing, you didn’t see coming And no one would blame you, though If you cried in private If you tried to hide it away, so no one knows No one will see, if you stop believing Oh, my soul You are not alone There’s a place where fear has to face the God you know

Casting Crowns – Only Jesus

All the kingdoms built, all the trophies won, will crumble into dust when it’s said and done ‘cause all that really mattered, did I live the truth to the ones I love? Was my life the proof that there is only One Whose name will last forever? I don’t want to leave a legacy I don’t care if they remember me Only Jesus

Jeremy Riddle – This is Amazing Grace!

Jeremy Riddle – This is Amazing Grace (Lyrics) Who breaks the power of sin and darknessWhose love is mighty and so much strongerThe King of Glory, the King above all kingsWho shakes the whole earth with holy thunderWho leaves us breathless in awe and wonderThe King of Glory, the King above all kingsThis is amazing…

Phil Wickham – Living Hope

Phil Wickham – Living Hope (Lyrics) How great the chasm that lay between usHow high the mountain I could not climbIn desperation, I turned to heavenAnd spoke Your name into the nightThen through the darkness, Your loving-kindnessTore through the shadows of my soulThe work is finished, the end is writtenJesus Christ, my living hope Who…

Chris Tomlin – Is He Worthy?

Is He Worthy (Lyrics) Do you feel the world is broken? (We do)Do you feel the shadows deepen? (We do)But do you know that all the dark won’t stop the light from getting through? (We do)Do you wish that you could see it all made new? (We do) Is all creation groaning? (It is)Is a…

Phil Wickham – Till I Found You

Phil Wickham – Till I Found You, Lyrics I searched through the Earth for something that could satisfyA peace for the hurt I had buried deep insideKnees on the floor, I finally found everything I neededYou lifted my soul and opened up my eyesAnd I never knew anything lasts foreverTill I found You, till I…

A Tribute to Keith Green

Keith Gordon Green (October 21, 1953 – July 28, 1982) was an American contemporary Christian music pianist, singer, and songwriter originally from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, New York. Beyond his music, Green is best known for his strong devotion to Christian evangelism and challenging others to the same. Gone To Be With Jesus “On July 28, 1982, there was a small…