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Whether you call it the “return of Christ,” “the Second Coming,” or the “Rapture,” there has been so much debate over the centuries about what the Bible teaches. Many have concluded the subject of Jesus’ return is too complicated, or too confusing to understand. One reader said… “Reading, The Return was my ‘light bulb’ moment. Although God’s master pieces can be complicated, His past, present and future master plan for His creation is quite simple and easy to understand. The Return grips you with an almost unbelievable and detailed story of Christ’s return, then shines the light on what the Bible says, rather than trusting the blind to lead the blind. God is not the author of confusion. So why have we been so confused for so long? Until now…” Begins with a story of how the return of Christ could happen, and then explains the scriptures and compares the different views of Christ’s return.

Antichrist Before the Day of the Lord is arguably the best book on the timing of the Rapture ever written. Originally published in 2013 by New Testament scholar Alan Kurschner (PhD), this book presents the Biblical case for what is known as the Pre-Wrath Rapture theory.  In essence, Pre-Wrath is a modified, yet more Biblically nuanced and accurate, version of the Post-Tribulation Rapture theory. Pre-Wrath maintains that believers do go through the Great Tribulation and face the Antichrist (contrary to Pre-Trib). However, it also maintains that believers are in fact taken into heaven for a brief period of time after the Great Tribulation, before finally returning to the earth with Jesus (contrary to traditional Post-Trib). Kurschner explains the timing of end time events, including the chronology of the book of Revelation, better than anyone.

Many of us have been told that we will be “raptured out of here before the Antichrist arrives.”

But what if this is wrong? Is this really what the Bible teaches?

Jesus warns us, “Remember, I have told you ahead of time” (Matt. 24:25). And Paul cautions us, “Let no one in any way deceive you, for that day will not arrive until the apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness [Antichrist] is revealed, the son of destruction” (2 Thess. 2:3). Since Jesus and Paul ominously warn us “ahead of time,” should this not be an urgent message the church needs to hear? Are we spiritually preparing our hearts to be “overcomers” for what may soon come to pass? By reading Prewrath: A Very Short Introduction to the Great Tribulation, Rapture, and Day of the Lord, you will discover the Bible teaches that the Antichrist will arrive before the return of Christ.

What if God calls upon us to be the final generation to face the Antichrist? Should you fight against him? Should you flee to safety? Or should you stand in faith? In Fight, Flight, or Faith: How to Survive the Great Tribulation, Charles Cooper answers that question. Cooper concludes that physical resistance will prove futile and that modern technology makes hiding impossible. Thus, the answer, he says, is faith. But how much faith will be required? Will you have enough?

This is the first scholarly defense of the pillars of the prewrath position put forth by Charles Cooper, former professor at Moody Bible Institute and now founder of the Prewrath Resource Institute and one of the position’s most well-respected lecturers. The book takes a serious academic look at the application of Matthew 24:1-31 and Daniel 9 to the Church, but is written to be accessible to readers at all levels. The first section deals in-depth with the issue, “Does Matthew 24:1-31 apply to the Church?” In this section, Cooper examines what can be learned, both from the text and from the writings of the church fathers. On the issue of text, he looks at language issues, culture, book composition, authorship and intent of the gospel, and much more. On the issue of Daniel 9, he looks at issues related to event dating, prophetic context, and original language, ultimately putting forth an unexpected interpretation of the fulfillment of the 69th Week.

Have you learned the parable of the fig tree? If not, you are commanded by Jesus to learn this lesson. End-times speculation and scenarios continue to flood the land. how are we to discern the true markers of Christ’s return from the false? The Lord ha announced the signs and conditions that will herald His return. We are called to read and pay attention. He Himself warned us: “Take heed; behold, I have told you everything in advance” (Mark 13:23). In this book, pastor and teacher Ryan Habbena explores the scripture’s primary texts regarding the second coming of Jesus Christ and the events that surround this glorious event. By taking the reader through the Olivet Discourse, the books of Daniel and Revelation, and the Thessalonian epistles, Habbena teaches how we should learn and apply the “parable of the fig tree” in order to be watching and well-prepared for the return of the King of Kings.

Jesus is coming again! That fact is certain and irrefutable. But what are the circumstances… what is the chronology concerning His return… how does it affect the world and the Church? Is the Lord’s return for His bride and the judgment of the wicked in preparation for His Millennial Kingdom pre-, mid-, post-tribulational, or pre-wrath? The foreshadowing of end-time events is getting larger and clearer. It is imperative that believers give immediate and renewed attention to the prophetic Word.

A book which simplistically, insightfully and systematically presents an integrated, concrete overview of the 22 chapters, or 404 verses, of the book of Revelation. “Revelation Unsealed” approaches the text of Revelation from what is termed the Pre-Wrath Rapture perspective. This is the hotly debated view that the church will enter the Seventieth Week, undergo the great tribulation of the Antichrist, and be gathered off the earth before the wrath of God unfolds. This view is presented in a logical scenario, which is then placed within the overall context of the Apocalypse. Also contained is an entirely fresh biblical perspective of the emergence of the Antichrist. Additionally, this book also fully covers the relevance of world events, the amazing track record of biblical prophecy, the fulfillment of the seven religious feast of Israel, the battle of Armageddon, and the Millennial Kingdom of Jesus Christ. All of these issues are addressed in a concise and simple manner with numerous charts and illustrations to aid the reader in easily conceptualizing and visualizing what is outlined.

The Passover King is an in-depth study of Bible prophecy and the return of Jesus. It covers many key biblical texts from Genesis to Revelation, and illustrates how the feast of Passover functions as an eschatological blueprint that can help us understand future prophetic events in a deeper way. Some of the key topics covered in this book include: the eschatological significance of the biblical feasts, God’s will for Israel in the last days, essential texts related to the rise of the Antichrist, the Gog of Magog invasion, the timing of the Rapture, the sequence of events in Revelation, what Jesus is going to do when He returns, and God’s will for believers in the days ahead. For more information on The Passover King click here.

How should Scripture be understood when it speaks of Antichrist–literally or allegorically? And if Antichrist and his persecution are for real, will the church have to undergo this terrible time of persecution, or will she be raptured?
The Bible could not be clearer as to the answers of these critical question. The Rapture Question Answered points readers to those answers in a readable, lay-level style that does not sacrifice the importance of scholarship.

Can we know when the end of the age will occur, or even what will happen when it comes? Will the church experience a time of terrible persecution at the hands of a real Antichrist? These questions have profound implications. Ultimately, for all of us, eternity hangs in the balance. The Sign has tackled the challenge of answering these questions by tracing God’s plan for the nation of Israel and the church as revealed from the Old Testament to the New. Taking Scripture at face value and expecting a literal fulfillment of biblical prophecy concerning the last days, author Robert Van Kampen offers this end-times road map–including the sequence of events and the timing of the Rapture–without crossing the line into date-setting.

Since the beginning of Christianity, believers have struggled with one of the most distressing questions of faith: “Will the church face the Antichrist?” This is perhaps the most complete book to date on the subject of “the Rapture.” It examines each of the popular tribulation theories in detail and presents astonishing new biblical insights that appear to identify the point at which the Rapture occurs. Through 147 specific and stunning scriptural proofs (dozens never-before-published), Nelson Walters comprehensively builds a case that reveals the nature and timing of the Rapture. In September, 2017, 1000 copies of “Rapture: Case Closed?” were sent to the top leaders of the English speaking church. As a ground-breaking and comprehensive book, it is the perfect vehicle to encourage discussion and debate within the church.And, perhaps most importantly, it provides the faithful with the information they will need to prepare for the most fundamentally challenging period in human history: The Tribulation.

Chris White Bible Prophecy Talk

Visit Bible Prophecy Text – Books by Chris White to read all books by Chris White free of charge.

  • Daniel (A Commentary)
  • Mystery Babylon When Jerusalem Embraces the Antichrist An Exposition of Revelation 17 & 18
  • False Christ – Will the Antichrist Claim to be the Jewish Messiah
  • Islamic Antichrist Debunked – A Comprehensive Critique of the Muslim Antichrist Theory

The rapture, or the belief that, at some point, Jesus’ living followers will join him forever while others do not, is an important but contested doctrine among evangelicals. Scholars generally hold one of three perspectives on the timing of and circumstances surrounding the rapture, all of which are presented in Three Views on the Rapture. The recent prominence of a Pre-Wrath understanding of the rapture calls for a fresh examination of this important but contested Christian belief. Alan D. Hultberg (PhD, Trinity International University and professor of New Testament at Talbot School of Theology) explains the Pre-Wrath view; Craig Blaising (PhD, Dallas Theological Seminary and president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) defends the Pre-Tribulation view; and Douglas Moo (PhD, University of St. Andrews and professor of New Testament at Wheaton College) sets forth the Post-Tribulation view. 



The Biblical Prophecy Program™ is a weekly program hosted by Dr. Alan Kurschner, who is dedicated to teaching Bible prophecy from a futurist, premillennial, prewrath perspective. Produced by Eschatos Ministries:

Chris White is an author, filmmaker and host of several online radio programs on various subjects. He is also the director of the internet radio station called The Revelations Radio Network. He produces documentaries and short videos for educational purposes.


Nelson Walters vlogs on all things end times with particular emphasis on how to apply prophecy. New Vlog videos appear each Wednesday/Saturday around 11 AM. Subjects not only discuss what will happen and when, but what to do about it. If you have questions about Rapture timing, End time evangelism, and biblical answers to numerous mysterious prophecies, subscribe to this channel.

Paul Dorgan - YouTube

My name is Paul Dorgan. This channel has 8 videos from an 8-Session Seminar that I teach on the End Times. The Seminar is based completely on taking the Bible “in-context” and by allowing Scripture to interpret Scripture. The goal of the Seminar is to get you thinking about the End Times and to help prepare you for the future. Various viewpoints will be presented – and I encourage you to only believe what the Scriptures convince you to believe. Each of the Sessions builds upon the previous Session so I would encourage you to watch them in order.


Bible Prophecy Talk

Featuring Chris White – Bible Prophecy News, Videos, and Podcasts

Prewrath Ministries

Featuring Dr. Elbert Charpie – Can we really understand end-time prophecy in a way that naturally makes sense? Why is the second coming of Christ so confusing? Does it have to be? Are the popular books and movies accurate with Biblical teaching? Welcome to the site that provides a true scriptural study of end time events. When is the rapture? What is the Day of the Lord? Is there any way that all of the scriptural prophecies really fit together? The Prewrath Rapture view answers these questions and much more!

Prewrath Resource Institute

Featuring Dr. Charles Cooper – Welcome to Prewrath Resource Institute. This site will serve the purpose for providing a source where believers can find articles, teaching materials, news items, announcements, and a sense of community from the prewrath perspective. We believe that the nature of the blog will be a refreshingly new Christian site that will eschew sensationalism. We aim to be Christ-centered and to magnify the full range of God’s glory in his sovereign activities, which will usher in the consummated, glorious age foretold by the prophets.

Revelation Commentary

Welcome to! We hope this dynamic commentary is a beneficial study tool in your devotion to the Word of God. Before beginning to go through the content of Revelation, we recommend that you read through the introduction, overview and hermeneutical sections to familiarize yourself with the framework concerning this incredible book of God. Contributors: Robert Van Kampen, Rev. Bill Lee-Warner, Rev. Charles Cooper, Gary Vaterlaus. Downloadable PDF format available.

The Bible Prophecy Program

Featuring Dr. Alan Kurschner – Dr. Kurschner is the founder of Eschatos Ministries, teaching Bible prophecy from a futurist, premillennial, prewrath perspective. He is the author of Antichrist Before the Day of the Lord: What Every Christian Needs to Know about the Return of Christ and the editor-in-chief of Biblical Prophecy Magazine. He is also the host of the popular podcast The Biblical Prophecy Program™.

Voice of Messiah

Featuring Travis Snow – Voice of Messiah is a Bible-based non-profit organization, specifically focused on teaching and outreach. Everything we do as a ministry is rooted in a few primary objectives: 1) Helping the Jewish people develop a relationship with their Messiah. 2) Reaching the Gentile nations with the message of Jesus. 3) Equipping God’s people to walk in His Word, by the power of the Holy Spirit. Currently, we work to achieve these objectives through a combination of publishing discipleship resources, producing digital media content, and hosting community events.  In the near future, we are also planning to conduct regular evangelistic outreaches in major Jewish population centers around the world. 

Zion’s Hope

Featuring Marvin Rosenthal – A passion for God, His people, and His plan for planet earth.

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