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Welcome! This page contains some of my favorite books and media resources. The content is continuously under construction, with new information added as it’s discovered or becomes available, so please check back often. I hope you find something here that blesses you!


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Films & Documentaries


Podcasts & Apps

The Biblical Prophecy Program™ is a weekly program hosted by Dr. Alan Kurschner, who is dedicated to teaching Bible prophecy from a futurist, premillennial, prewrath perspective. Produced by Eschatos Ministries:

Chris White is an author, filmmaker and host of several online radio programs on various subjects. He is also the director of the internet radio station called The Revelations Radio Network. He produces documentaries and short videos for educational purposes.

Frontier Alliance International: FAI APP
Includes: Real-time breaking news in Gaza & the middle east; Bible studies and teachings; Christian news articles and devotionals; All original music and music videos; All 10 original films like Sheep Among Wolves Vols. II & Ballads of the Revelation; Push notifications to stay up-to-date with relief efforts and films; Translated content in multiple languages; New, original, exclusive content is added every week.


Bible Prophecy Talk

Featuring Chris White – Bible Prophecy News, Videos, and Podcasts

The Bible Prophecy Program

Featuring Dr. Alan Kurschner – Dr. Kurschner is the founder of Eschatos Ministries, teaching Bible prophecy from a futurist, premillennial, prewrath perspective. He is the author of Antichrist Before the Day of the Lord: What Every Christian Needs to Know about the Return of Christ and the editor-in-chief of Biblical Prophecy Magazine. He is also the host of the popular podcast The Biblical Prophecy Program™.

Prewrath Ministries

Featuring Dr. Elbert Charpie – Can we really understand end-time prophecy in a way that naturally makes sense? Why is the second coming of Christ so confusing? Does it have to be? Are the popular books and movies accurate with Biblical teaching? Welcome to the site that provides a true scriptural study of end time events. When is the rapture? What is the Day of the Lord? Is there any way that all of the scriptural prophecies really fit together? The Prewrath Rapture view answers these questions and much more!

Prewrath Resource Institute

Featuring Dr. Charles Cooper – Welcome to Prewrath Resource Institute. This site will serve the purpose for providing a source where believers can find articles, teaching materials, news items, announcements, and a sense of community from the prewrath perspective. We believe that the nature of the blog will be a refreshingly new Christian site that will eschew sensationalism. We aim to be Christ-centered and to magnify the full range of God’s glory in his sovereign activities, which will usher in the consummated, glorious age foretold by the prophets.

Revelation Commentary

Welcome to! We hope this dynamic commentary is a beneficial study tool in your devotion to the Word of God. Before beginning to go through the content of Revelation, we recommend that you read through the introduction, overview and hermeneutical sections to familiarize yourself with the framework concerning this incredible book of God. Contributors: Robert Van Kampen, Rev. Bill Lee-Warner, Rev. Charles Cooper, Gary Vaterlaus. Downloadable PDF format available.

Shiloh Media

Featuring Travis Snow – Our mission is to prepare for the return of Jesus by producing evangelism & discipleship resources focused on Bible prophecy, church history, and spiritual formation. To pursue this goal, we publish books, post digital media content, and create high-quality online courses. We also plan to use these materials within the context of on-ground evangelistic outreaches, Bible studies, community events, conferences, and teaching within local churches & messianic congregations in the future. 

Zion’s Hope

Featuring Marv & David Rosenthal – A passion for God, His people, and His plan for planet earth.

YouTube Channels

FAI Studios


Holy Land Site
Experience the Holy Land Online! Maybe you’d love to go to the Holy Land but just can’t, or maybe you have the privilege to go and want to learn more about the places you’ll visit. If either is the case, then this YouTube Channel is for you! See the Bible come to life as you walk in the footsteps of Jesus and see the places where the events of the Bible took place. This channel allows you to experience the Holy Land online as you watch videos and teachings from the Land of the Bible. You’ll discover a new dimension in understanding the Bible, and it will go from black and white to 3D, living color!

Paul Dorgan - YouTube

Paul Dorgan. This channel has 8 videos from an 8-Session Seminar teachings on the End Times. The Seminar is based completely on taking the Bible “in-context” and by allowing Scripture to interpret Scripture. The goal of the Seminar is to get you thinking about the End Times and to help prepare you for the future. Each of the Sessions builds upon the previous Session so I would encourage you to watch them in order.

Nelson Walters vlogs on all things end times with particular emphasis on how to apply prophecy. New Vlog videos appear each Wednesday/Saturday around 11 AM. Subjects not only discuss what will happen and when, but what to do about it. If you have questions about Rapture timing, End time evangelism, and biblical answers to numerous mysterious prophecies, subscribe to this channel.

Free Books & Other Resources

FAI Publishing: Downloadable / Read Online / Read Aloud (using MS Edge) Books

Joel Richardson: Downloadable / Read Online / Read Aloud (using MS Edge) Books & Resources

Travis Snow: Downloadable / Read Online / Read Aloud (using MS Edge) Books

Chris White: Read Online Books

Readings from AW Tozer: Communing with God – A 4-Week Devotional

PreWrath Ministries: Free Study Downloads

PreWrath Visual Timeline of Daniel’s 70th Week

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