Who’s to Blame for the Coronavirus?

After President Trump canceled all flights into the United States from China and Iran due to the Coronavirus pandemic on January 31, 2020, Speaker of… Who’s to Blame for the Coronavirus? Please visit the original site to like and comment. Thanks and God bless!!

A Day in My New Normal Life.. for now

Cover photo: Downtown Phoenix, AZ as concerns of Coronavirus rise As I sit here at my computer, hands poised on my keyboard, cats warming themselves in the sunlight streaming through my window, I am struck by the seeming normalcy of it all and I have to remind myself that I now live in a world…

Coronavirus/COVID-19: Why It’s NOT “Just the Flu”

A COVID-19 coronavirus update from concerned physicians Link to original Article: https://www.kevinmd.com/blog/2020/03/a-covid-19-coronavirus-update-from-concerned-physicians.html A COVID-19 coronavirus update from concerned physicians Howard J. Luks, MD, Joel Topf, MD, Ethan J. Weiss, MD, Wendy Sue Swanson, MD, Bryan Vartabedian, MD, Carrie Diulus, MD, Nancy Yen Shipley, MD, and Dr. Eric Levi | Conditions | March 14, 2020 2M…

Current Events & Bible Prophecy Update #064

Featuring John Haller, Brandon Holthaus & Charlie Garrett. John Haller serves as Elder at Fellowship Bible Chapel, Sunbury OH Brandon Holthaus is Senior Pastor of Rock Harbor Church, Bakersfield CA Charlie Garrett is the Senior Pastor of The Superior Word Community Church, Sarasota FL