Darkness closes in with evil intent
In the distance a sliver of light beckons, 
But I am weak; unwilling to move
At last, its promise of liberation falls silent–
Illusions of safety and immunity lie shattered
Like so many fortresses built on sand
Fear and uncertainty take their place
Nothing is as it seems
Death winds its fierce grip around my heart
And lays claim to hope

This poem was written during a intensely dark period in my life in which I lost someone I loved deeply. In my grief I began to question God’s love, protection, and good intentions for my life.

Copyright © 1989-2018 Deanna Renee All Rights Reserved

9 thoughts on “Winter

  1. Our loving heavenly Father is so gracious to us in those times. First He remembers we are but dust and He knows the depth of loss we feel for He surely must of known it too, when His Son hung on a cross. He is faithful to replace our grief with His grace.

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